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Tuesday, February 27

Additional Recommended Extensions

My beautiful new monitor came yesterday. Now I just need a box! I kept a number of extensions that I tested installed to continue evaluating. There are a few toys I didn't think that much of at first, but I have really grown to like.

Tab Mix Plus - Restores your tabs as you had them after a crash or accidental closing. Also allows you to duplicate a tab with all its browser history so the back buttons will work.

Gmail Notifier
- I reviewed the Firefox extension called Gmail Notifier and found it wasn't up to snuff, although it does play custom sounds for new mail (maybe someone on Firefly saying "shiny"?), which is fun but ultimately not very useful. I barely mentioned this Gmail Notifier, actually a stand-alone application. I didn't think I'd be all that crazy about it so I didn't actually review it. It has very few features, but I love them. The white envelope icon sits in the system try next to volume control and messenger icons. It turns blue when I have new mail. When I mouseover it, a little box appears with the number of new messages in my inbox. When I double-click on it, my inbox appears. When I get new mail, a teeny little box pops up right above it with the sender and a few lines of the message. Only useful while I am using the computer, but I have found it better than continually hitting F5 while waiting for an expected message. And, my favorite, it opens mailto: links in Gmail in my default browser instead of in Outlook or Outlook Express.

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