Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Tuesday, February 13


Scott picked up a game pack for our new Wii that included air hockey. He waxed romantic for a moment with "Oh, honey, our game is in here." I replied with a blank stare. We have a game? "Air hockey. We always used to run to play it together." Continue blank stare. "You know, when we were dating." Realization dawning. He was talking about something he used to do with his ex-girlfriend. "Oh yeah, that was Jenny." Wow, that was cold.

To be fair, he followed up with: "You are everything good in my life now so I just assume all good memories must have you in them." Hm, definitely cheesy, but is it smooth?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ... Scott's in trouble.


Jill said...

How long have you been married???

Anonymous said...

How is the Wii, by the way? You guys like it?