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Sunday, February 11

If only you knew the truth

I actually have two blogs. I have this public blog and a private journal blog. I have a very good reason for two separate blogs. There are people in the world who tell me that they think I'm alright. They think I am smart or I work hard or I am nice or whatever. My public blog may not reinforce those beliefs, but it doesn't immediately send them up in flames either. My journal, on the other hand, has all of my completely uncensored thoughts and feelings, including all the mean, nasty ones. And I am frequently very grateful that those people who think I am alright will never see my journal and learn how wrong they are.

A friend has mentioned that when he led our church congregation, he thought everyone thought he was doing a great job. Later he learned that lots of people didn't think that. So I suppose that I should be likewise very grateful I don't have to learn anyone's uncensored opinions of me! I know I am self-absorbed and petty, but I really like to think that other people think I am alright.

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