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Wednesday, February 14

Was I really that bad?

There is this loud, obnoxious, self-absorbed guy in my Chinese class (汉语课). Yesterday, I was talking to someone and he butted in to argue with me. Only it was the kind of argument where he listens to me just long enough to come up with some way to intentionally misinterpret what I say and then interrupts me to accuse of me of really thinking whatever twisted version he has come up with. After a few exchanges I determined this little exercise in one-up-manship was not enriching my life and told him I wasn't going to continue. Then it hit me: I used to pull crap just like that. I wasn't as loud and I really don't think I was quite as self-absorbed as this guy has proven himself to be (Note: this claim is being made by someone who writes a blog about herself and expects everyone else to read it). But I think around 19 I was probably just as obnoxious. How embarrassing.

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