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Tuesday, February 13

Thank you Anil & Todd & Sunday!!!

Sunday saw a Nintendo Wii at Hasting's and told Todd who called Anil who was out for lunch and bought one for Scott and I! Now I can play games and stop working on these awful Algebraic Geometry problems. No seriously, I mean awful. I recently attempted to relieve a few people of this idea they have that I am smart and can do crazy math stuff. I spent a good part of Saturday and most of Monday trying to understand what the Algebraic Geometry homework is asking me to do. Today I finally worked 1.b) and 5.a), at least in part. That is all I have to show people! Leaving the rest of 1 and 5 and all of 2 and 3. I am not even planning to attempt 4 because there is just no way.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome. ;--) Hope the Wii brings you years of fun and games. All thanks to Sundy and Todd!