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Monday, February 26

Feeling Old

I am only 25, but somehow when I take courses with younger students, like freshmen, they make me feel old. Like the time in kickboxing class when an 18-yr-old declared he wasn't getting married until he was old. "No, like really old. Like twenty-seven." I felt like I should buy a cane and dentures or something.

Last week in Chinese class I ran into it again. While talking about honeymoons and trips, I mentioned Scott and I are hoping to take a sort of second honeymoon when I graduate from college in three more years, if all goes according to schedule, since that will be our 10th anniversary. Everyone stopped and stared. Finally someone asked "Anniversary of what?" After meekly responding "Our wedding" I got the incredulous question: "How old are you?" I decided I should just slouch quietly in my chair until class started.

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Jill said...

Yeah, I was 27 when I took that same chinese class...all the other kids were under 20...and Penny looks young, too! At least you don't look old!! That's quite a compliment that they didn't know you were older, right???