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Thursday, February 8

You don't have to admit it!

I stopped by someone's office today. Someone I have known for 6 years. I've been to his house and I see him most weeks. And today I learned that he didn't know my name. For 6 years he has been calling me 'Nita' and I never noticed. So, today, when he wrote 'Nita' down, I told him he misspelled my name. He had a golden opportunity to play dumb, say "where?", and just fix it when I told him. I never had to know. That may technically be dishonest, but I would'nt've fessed up. I'd've pretended I knew his name all along and just spelled it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Well, I've learned to ignore people mangling my name.

Jill said...

You know you're an okie when you use words like: I'd've