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Monday, February 12

Planning is in the air

Valentine's Day is this week. And while it may be a superficial holiday invented by a secret cabal of chocolate makers and florists, it matters to many of us women. In high school, those with flowers or cards got to show them off and feel special while the rest of us seethed with envy. Now we may be older but we are no less superficial. We all want something to make us feel special. And some deluded men have an idea that come Valentine's Day, they'll just wing it. They think they can run to the drug-store to pick up a card on the way home, ask their sweetie where they want to go for dinner, put the bill on the credit card, and everything will be okay. It won't. Some better plans:

1. Watching her favorite movie over a pizza dinner. Stick a freezer-to-oven, no-work dessert in the oven half-way through so she can eat dessert after the movie.
2. Flowers sent to her at school/work and dinner at home followed by a foot rub.
3. An invitation sent to her at school/work telling her where and what time she will be picked up for dinner and what the dress code is, if any. Followed, of course, by the man actually showing up, dressed appropriately.

Now what do all these plans have in common? Well, they are planned, like ahead of time. Which is the part that actually makes us feel special.


Jill said...

Nina, thanks for your post today. It so clearly stated my exact feelings that I had Tyler read it. I think he may be catching on...

Anonymous said...

Oh you girls ... always wanting the moon. ;--)))

Anonymous said...

Maybe this year, you can treat the guys. ;--)