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Saturday, February 10


I learned yesterday* that self-discipline has twice the importance of IQ in predicting academic success. Anyone who has ever taught is probably unsurprised.

I have frequently been frustrated by my lack of sufficient self-discipline. But, by definition, I must lack self-discipline by choice. So how can I be frustrated that I don't have it? I must be frustrated that it isn't as easy as I wish it were. In other words, I am not frustrated by my lack of self-discipline, but by the fact that the universe doesn't order itself in such a way that I never have to develop any. For example, I could exercise self-discipline and choose to go do my homework, instead of sitting here blogging. But I would prefer that homework were so much fun that I wanted to go do it instead of sitting here blogging.

* The LDS church offers religion classes, called Institute, at any university with enough students to take them. The Institute here in Stillwater offers a very good marriage class once a month. This month was on parenting and taught by a professor in FRCD who gave us this nugget of wisdom.

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Jill said...

Perhaps you're frustrated that you don't ACT on your self sufficient behavioral traits that you possess. I think it's the acting on it (or the lack of it) that brings happiness or frustration...