Nina's Stillwater Calendar

Thursday, February 22

Just Do It

So I finally convinced Scott to leave the Wii and to stop drooling over the specs for the new laptop he is buying and come to bed. We were just snuggling in to sleep when I remembered I forgot to blog today so here I am at my computer desk. Of course, I had plenty of time to blog earlier. I did almost nothing useful all evening. But I waited until I was snuggled into bed to remember to go blog. It was because I didn't have a topic. If I had thought of a topic, I'd've remembered to blog. It's like when Naomi and I didn't want to attend a class, but we also didn't want to ditch it. So we made a concerted effort to forget to attend. We were surprisingly successful until Naomi remembered we had class and forgot we were forgetting about 3 minutes before class. We didn't have enough time to forget again so we were stuck ditching.

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