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Monday, February 19

Five Things

I have been "tagged" to write five things you guys don't know about me. Which is awkward because if I wanted someone to know something about me then I would already have told them. The only things left are either too boring or too embarrassing to blog about. I could take the easy way out and tell you about my dogs, but that is like listening to old ladies talking about their "brilliant" grandchildren for fifteen minutes even though you know their grandchildren are still in diapers. I could tell you little details like my favorite color or something, but you don't really care about those things anymore than I really care about your favorite color. Unless it's crimson. Then I care.

So I am stuck telling you things you probably already know about me. Sorry, this is the best I can do.

1. I am a super-duper fantastic wife. Just ask my husband anytime I am nearby with a weapon on hand.

2. I never remember anything. I forget people's names (I've only forgotten my husband's name once since our wedding), where I've put my expensive electronic gadgets (1 PDA lost, 1 cell phone killed in washer), what I am doing, etc.

3. I am totally unobservant. I miss jokes, nuances, subtleties, and jetliners passing within 20 feet of me. Any D&D players may note the rather dismal 6 I gave myself on my wisdom stat at left.

4. I really do care about my appearance. I like to look pretty and stylish. Just not enough to do anything about it more than once or twice a month.

5. I am an unabashed optimist. I thought everyone knew this, but then a friend realized this last summer after she had already known me for a year. Granted, that was not my best year. I was grumpy and depressed for most of it. But bad moods and optimism aren't mutually exclusive frames of mind. On the flip side I have another friend who describes herself on her MySpace as a "bubbly pessimist." I think Pollyanna is perpetuating inaccurate stereotypes.

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Jill said...

My favorite color is orange, too. Only autumns look good in it.